Review UK Omega 1957 Trilogy Replica Watches

For Omega, 1957 should be a great important year. In that year, Omega created three kinds of famous and hot-selling watches which defined its leading position in the watch industry. In the development of Omega, it plays an important role.

In 2017, it again puts forward three kinds of exquisite fake watches with self-winding movements to pay tribute to the achievements and history of 1957. They are respectively Omega Seamaster, Railmaster and Speedmaster watches.

  1. Omega Seamaster Replica Watches With Black Dials

The new Seamaster 300 takes CK2913 as the original type. With the strict test, the Omega copy watches with steel cases can be waterproof to 600m. In addition, the Naïad crown is the first time to adapt in this series that can provide protection of three waterproof system.

  1. Omega Railmaster Fake Watches With Steel Bracelets

In 1957, Omega launched a series of antimagnetic watches for normal people instead of pilots which was named Railmaster. Of course the watches had been through the tests for one year. The new Railmaster watches are designed to commemorate this development.

  1. Omega Speedmaster Copy Watches For Sale

In order to meet the needs of accuracy, clear readability, stable,waterproof functions, Omega designed the Speedmaster series. Then it even became the first watch to be chosen to finish the space tasks. It is no doubt that it changes the styles of watchmaking history.

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