The Exquisite Technology Of The Bezel Of The Excellent UK Replica Omega Watches

Omega replica watches revealed a short film to introduce the production process of the Ceragold bezel. This short film with the advanced technique, and through an unique picture that expounded this extraordinary innovative technology with simple images.

In the process of manufacturing the Ceragold bezel, it must immerse in the electrolyte for 48 hours that can perfectly combine the gold and ceramic bezel.

Ceragold is the world’s first perfect technology that combined the 18K gold and ceramic watch components. With the new technology of the cheap fake Omega watches that perfectly blending the metal number, scale and bezel, creating the bezel with the smooth touching, that is amazing. Although the technology took many years to research and develop, but making wonderful bezel, that is absolutely worth.

OMEGA Planet Ocean 45mm Replica With Ceragold Bezel

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