UK Swiss Omega Fake Watches In World War

World War I

In 1914, Omega had become the ideal military watches with its accurate and high quality. Accurate timepieces are the advantages of brand. The most important should be Omega could produce a large number of fake watches with self-winding movements. So it became the first military watch of Great Britain’s Ministry of Defence.

World War II

Then in the second world war, famous Omega watches again became the choice of the military. In fact, Omega provided 110000 kinds of Omega copy watches with steel cases for Air Force, Navy and army and supported the military activities for pilots.

With the development of war, Omega provides more watches for the United Kingdom Department of Defense. The most famous and wide watches should be the CK2292 type.

  • Black Leather Straps Omega CK2444 Fake Watches

At the end of World War II, another Omega watch became the instrument of British Army. This kind of watch is famous for its excellent waterproof functions.

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