Unique Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches UK With Black Dials

The story of this perfect Omega Speedmaster copy watch is weird. Omega initially planned to create such a wristwatch to commemorate the “moon explorer” of famous “The Adventures of Tintin”.

The Tintin Omega Speedmaster is recognizable with the special dial.
Omega Copy With Automatic Movement

The dial of this Omega fake watch with steel case features the rocket in the story, but the copyright owner is not willing to sign a contract. That is really a pity as Omega has manufactured them already. It had to be launched in 2013 under the name Speedmaster Professional Racing. After all, this checkerboard pattern on the dial can also be explained as racing factor. That is also the reason why the special watches have been called as “Speedmaster Tintin”.

The red and white elements on the black dial are eye-catching.
42 MM Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

In addition to the red and white elements on the dial, the back of this knockoff watch with steel bracelet is quite different from the Speedmaster moonwatch. Cal.1861 provides power to this Speedmaster Tintin. At the beginning, these watches are unmarketable. But now the price of the Tintin Speedmaster is very high in secondary market.

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