Wearing UK Gold Copy Omega Constellation With Theresa May

After the unrest in Britain, the new prime minister Theresa May continues to shake the world. Theresa May is the second woman prime minister in British history after Margaret Thatcher and also have the strong measures, so no surprise her wrist grade, and the strikingly similar of Margaret Thatcher : the right wear jewelry, left wear gold watch.

theresa-may and yellow gold bracelet copy omega Constellation

Thatcher once said: “Carefully observe those neatly beautiful woman, you will find the importance of wearing jewelry.” Margaret Thatcher in 1975 had an interview with Time, wearing gold earrings and rings, and a gold case copy Omega watch. In 1975, Thatcher was elected to the conservative party leader, there is no doubt then become Europe’s first woman prime minister in history.

Margaret Thatcher and white dial copy Omega

Similarly, Theresa also like wearing a bracelet accessories on the right hand and left hand with small replica Omega watch. This gold spring between the band and that is a feature of the yellow gold bracelet replica Omega Constellation series.

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